10mg Riot Squad Nic SALT 10ml (50VG/50PG)


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Product details

The RIOT S:ALT range contains a unique and innovative blend of nicotine freebase and nicotine salts.

Salt nicotine combined with freebase provides the most realistic alternative to a cigarette to help people stop smoking.

Made in UK

Salt Nicotine 10mg

 10ml Bottle


Tamper-proof and childproof cap


 TPD compliant

Suitable for starter kits and pod devices

Blue bubblegum flavor made with banana, strawberry, and blue raspberry blended with cool menthol.

Cherry Fizzle
Featuring tangy, sweet and sour cherries and fizzy finish for a mouth-watering taste.

Cream Leaf
Smooth vanilla créme blends with rich, smokey tobacco for a smooth, decadent indulgence.

A fruity frenzy
This fantastically fruity blend balances honey-sweet cantaloupe melon with tart and tangy passion fruit pulp, overall resulting in an authentic balance of sweet and sour.

New Leaf
This opulent late-night treat combines rich tobacco and silky dark chocolate for something altogether richer.

Sweet Lemon Custard
Creamy, tangy sweetness infused with a silky blend of lemon curd and vanilla that conjures up the ideal flavors of creamy cakes, pies and mousses.

A tangy, distinct taste of pink lemonade emerges from a barrage of strawberry and lemon notes.

Pure mint
Fresh spearmint and cool menthol blend for a flavor that strikes a delicate balance between cool and charismatic.

A blend of zesty lemon, sharp lime, and bitter blackcurrant that plays between sweet and sour.

This sweet tobacco vape combines smooth, wood-smoked tobacco flavor with sweet, light vanilla syrup.

Fury on Tour
A tropical cocktail of pineapple, orange, and passion fruit with a mild and refreshing spearmint flavor.

Blue Burst
A tingly fusion of fresh menthol and juicy blue raspberry flavor that will satisfy your craving for anything cool and mellow.

Purple Burst
Crushed ice and fruit juice go together perfectly. Try Riot Salts Purple Burst today! The smooth, icy menthol undertones and sugary sweetness of this slushie-inspired flavor pair well with rich blackcurrants.

Tastes exactly like your favorite soft drink, with syrupy-sweet spiced cola flavors and tangy cherry notes.

Authentic forest blueberry flavor with a hint of sweetness and juicy overtones in this e-liquid.

Lime Mint
Combining citrus and mint in an invigorating, seamless blend that melts into a crisp and cool taste on exhale.

The perfect morning or night vape, this blend layers strawberry flavors with a luxurious jelly-like sweetness.

Mini Mints
This triple-concentrated ice blast is layered with peppermint, spearmint, and menthol for a fresh, cool exhale and frosty taste.

Watermelon Ice
With juicy watermelon notes combined with smooth koolada and salty menthol, this e-liquid is a cloud laden delight.

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