Billiards Original 0mg 100ml Shortfill (70VG/30PG)


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Product details

These Billiards have a short date of September 2022.

Get 5 of any flavour for just £3.00 each when you purchase 5!


A 120ml shortfill bottle contains 100ml of e-liquid

Nicotine Strength: 0mg

It contains 70 VG and 30 PG

A childproof safety cap is included

Seal that is tamper-evident

The flavors are:

The blackcurrant:

The sweet and sharp taste of blackcurrant makes for a delicious vape flavour. The inhale is sweet, while the exhale is cool and playful.


Embrace the sweet and rippy taste of cherry flavors. Sweet on the inhale while juicy on the exhale.

The bubblegum:

Vaping with bubblegum tastes sweet, cool, and playful. On the inhale, it’s sweet, while on the exhale, it’s playful.


Vaping raspberry flavors gives you a sweet, refreshing, fruity taste to savor. On the inhale, you’ll experience a juicy, playful taste, while on the exhale, you’ll taste sweet notes.

The mango:

Mango juice’s fruity sweetness and slight sharpness will make your vaping experience enjoyable. During inhalation, you’ll experience juicy notes while exhaling sweet notes.


You will enjoy the sweetness of ripe strawberries along with slight citrus hints in your vaping experience. An inhale of sweet citrus is followed by an exhale of crisp citrus.

The blueberry:

Upon every puff, your taste buds are fascinated by the mouth-watering and luscious berry juice. Upon inhalation, you get a sweet and juicy sensation, while on exhalation, you get a cool and playful sensation.

Red A:

With a hint of menthol, this blend of fruit flavors is complex and enticing. The inhale is sweet, while the exhale is cool and playful.


It’s tasteful to vape pineapple juice because it has a sweet taste and a slight crispness. An inhale of juicy and playful notes is followed by an exhale of sweet notes.

Dragon Fruit:

Fresh and sweet dragonfruit gives a taste of tropical fruit to enjoy while vaping. On the inhale, the notes are sweet, while on the exhale, they are cool and playful.

The lychee:

A juicy lychee fruit flavor with an exotic, fresh taste. Juicy and playful on the inhale while sweet notes on the exhale.


You will experience a cool, playful sensation as the fresh garden mint lingers on your lips and leaves a floral fragrance behind. The inhale is sweet and cool, while the exhale is floral.

The guava:

Guava is a fruit with a sweet and exotic taste. On the inhale, the flavors are juicy and playful, while on the exhale, the notes are sweet and subtle.

Menthol in blue:

This is an intoxicating blend of blueberry flavours with a hint of menthol. The inhale is sweet with notes of cool and playful on the exhale.


With a hint of menthol, this blend of fruit flavors is complex and enticing. A sweet inhale is followed by a cool and playful exhale.

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