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Novel Food application number: RP296

This cbDNA Full Spectrum CBD Oil brings a unique terpene structure to complement its CBD profile (including Mycrene) that will benefit those looking for CBD supplements.

A plant and herb derived terpene called Mycrene is naturally synched with THC to allow cannabinoids (CBDs) to enter into the blood-brain barrier of the skull, thereby extending CBD oil’s effects and benefits. Among these effects are anti-inflammatory, pain relief, antibiotic, sedative, and antimutagenic.

cbDNA CBD Oil, like many others before it, was subjected to strict, thorough testing and quality control prior to legal distribution ensuring both a guaranteed mark of quality and something you can use every day.

  • UK-made

  • CBD Full Spectrum 2000mg

  • Dropper Bottle for 10ml

  • Each bottle contains 200 drops

  • Dosage: 4-10 drops twice daily

  • Enhanced with additional terpenes

  • Tested by a third party lab

  • Vegan certified

  • A 100% natural product

  • THC-free

Directions: Before using, shake well. Take 4-10 drops twice a day. The maximum daily dosage is 200mg. The oil must be taken sublingually for optimal results. Hold the required dosage/drops under the tongue for 2-3 minutes. Within 10-15 minutes, CBD will enter the bloodstream. This is the most effective way to take CBD Oil since swallowing it immediately will reduce its absorption in the body.

Approximately 200 drops of CBD oil are contained in each bottle of CBD oil, which contains 10ml. A bottle of CBD oil can last 50 days if someone uses 4 drops per day. Using 6 drops per day would last just over 33 days. Divide 200 by the number of drops per day you are using and you will know exactly how many days your bottle will last.

Ingredients: MCT oil, CBD oil, Cannabis sativa L.

Content of THC<0.2%

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